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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a B&G Club?
We are a facility-based youth Development Program. We provide structured supervision and youth-centered activities during non-school hours, when parents are often at work and no one is home with children.
How much does it cost?
Our membership dues are $20/child per school-year and $100 during our 10-week summer program. If a family cannot afford membership, there are scholarships available. Please contact us if you have special circumstances. We will work with families to ensure that ALL kids, not matter their ability to pay, can attend the Boys & Girls Club. The Club is primarily supported by community contributions.
Why don't you charge more?
While some children can afford higher dues, others cannot. It is hard to determine where a family is financially. We chose, instead, to offer families the opportunity to become contributors if they have the ability, keeping the Club affordable for ALL children and families.
Do some people take advantage?
While there are some who will take advantage of the services that Boys & Girls Club offers, we have found that the families really appreciate the help! We serve the kids who need us most, and that means something different to each family. Many are single parents or raising several children in tough economic times. Many of our kids come to the Club because both parents work and they need a safe, fun place to go after school. Those who can afford to contribute are given the opportunity to do so during our Great Futures Annual Campaign. It is our goal that every parent will contribute something, big or small, to the campaign within the coming year.

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